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Last updated: 2002-11-06

The Board is deeply saddened by the use of offensive images on the front of t-shirts produced by the Animal Liberation Front. The organisation has used Holocaust imagery to illustrate the treatment of animals in Great Britain.

The images depict miserable animals dressed in prison clothes and chained together, with the Star of David attached to their sleeves. This comparison is deeply offensive to Holocaust victims, their families and all those who respect their memory.

In a letter to the Animal Liberation Front, Public Affairs Director, Fiona Macaulay commented: This sensationalist and gratuitous imagery is utterly unacceptable. At a time of international conflict, there are many organisations such as the Board of Deputies who are working hard to promote interfaith dialogue and harmony. Sadly, the image on your t-shirt can do little but provoke pain and anguish.

“I would urge you, as a matter of urgency, to cease marketing these garments, and to issue a statement of apology for the offence they have already caused.”