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Matchmaker sued

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-06-02



An Israeli-born international matchmaker based in Beverly Hills has been ordered to pay $2.1m by a Los Angeles court to a women who paid £125,000 and didn't get the dates she was promised.

Orly Hadida, who spent two years in the Israeli army as well as previously working as a model boasts to being the most expensive matchmaker in the world and catering to clients who are wealthy and was in the 2003 Guinness World Records.

Anne Majerik, 60 paid Hadida $125,000 and claimed that her matchmaker failed to find her suitable matches. In one incident, Majerik, who was widowed in 1999, said an "international banker" turned out to be "an interpreter that worked in a bank".

"This woman specialises in women aged between 50 and 70," said Majerik's lawyer, Douglas Gilliland. "She's developed a niche out there to prey on women who are lonely or divorced."

A judge decided in favour of Majerik though Hadida tried to countersue by saying her client was a "serial matchmaker suer". 

Hadida says she will appeal against the decision.