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Last updated: 2002-10-15

The Board of Deputies has formally complained to Birmingham University after receiving complaints about English lecturer, Sue Blackwell’s anti-Israel and pro Academic Boycott website. Linked to the University’s official website, Ms Blackwell’s contains links to radical Islamist organisations which distort the truth.

Material found on these links are deeply offensive and include gross factual inaccuracies. Particularly unacceptable are visual glorifications of suicide bombers. Many links refer to Israel’s “ethnic cleansing”, “racist policies” including ‘Apartheid’ and inaccurate parallels are made with Nazi Germany. This anti-Israel, anti-Jewish propaganda demonises Israel with unsubstantiated, emotive and biased literature.

Director of Public Affairs, Fiona Macaulay commented: “Over the past year, Jewish students have felt increasingly threatened by anti-Israel and antisemitic propaganda on campus which has directly resulted in an increase in campus antisemitism. As an academic, Ms Blackwell has a responsibility to the truth and it is sad that she has allowed herself to become a mouthpiece for recognised anti-Israel groups. This sort of association serves only to bring the good name of the university into disrepute, and is completely contrary to the government agenda of interfaith tolerance and understanding. We hope that Birmingham University will remove this link as a matter of urgency.”