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Last updated: 2002-09-24

The Board of Deputies has written to the Scout Association expressing concern at the establishment of Scout troops by the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), an organisation noted for its extreme anti-Israel stance.

In a recent radio interview with the Asian Word community programme on BBC Greater Manchester Radio, the press officer of the MAB made offensive and unfounded allegations against Israeli sportsmen and called for an international sports boycott, claiming that Israeli sports teams consisted of soldiers who had killed innocent children. He made further false statements regarding an Israeli 'massacre' in Jenin, despite UN reports confirming that no such massacre took place. Earlier this year, MAB organised a pro-Palestinian rally in which some participants were dressed as suicide bombers and distributed anti-Semitic leaflets and literature.

Following his letter to the Chief Executive of the Scout Association, Board Director General Neville Nagler has commented:

“If this is how the Muslim Association behaves in public, what are they likely to say in indoctrinating children at their scout and guide packs?

“The scouting movement aims to promote the development of young people as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities. The Jewish community in Britain is concerned that these principles should apply to all Scout troops, including those run by the Muslim Association of Britain.”