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Brit Jews rally for Israel

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-07-19



British Jews are set to gather in their thousands to show support for Israel and its people this Sunday at 5pm.

The Stand With The People of Israel solidarity rally is being organised as a cross community event by the Board of Deputies of British Jews at JFS in north west London.

Speakers from across the British Jewish community including Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks will offer their pledge and support for Israel. The rally is set to be the biggest gathering of British Jews showing solidarity with Israel since 2002 when an event in Trafalgar Square attracted over 30,000 people.

"We are saddened by the loss of innocent lives on all sides. At a time when the situation in the Middle East is extremely precarious, we would like to send a message of support to the people in Israel," said Board president Henry Grunwald. "Israel has the right to defend itself against unprovoked attacks on sovereign soil.  This event will demonstrate support for the efforts to stop the barrage of more than 1,500 rockets from Gaza and Lebanon into Israel, and all other acts of terror."

Gates to JFS will be open from 3pm.

According to a Board of Deputies spokesperson, those attending are advised to get to JFS early in order to get a space. "It is all open plan and people can stand anywhere they like. People should also bring water with them in case London's current heatwave continues."

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