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Support Ben and the troops

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-07-19

Israel forces

Israel forces

A website to offer words of support and encouragement to a British man in his twenties who volunteered to join the Israeli army late last year has gone online.

Support Ben was created by a friend who found out that "Ben" (full name and details withheld for security), originally from the north of England was now serving with the Israeli army as it battles against Hezbollah attacks.

At first many of the messages came from the UK, but over the past few days, the site has gathered words of support from people all across the world.

"My aim was to get 100 messages to him so he could pass them on to the troops as encouragement and support," said Jonny Wilks who set up the site.  "In just a couple of days, we have had more than 200 messages showing support for the troops out there who are defending the country."

"I am not part of an organisation, just one guy in London, trying to give some support to troops out there," he added.

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