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An open letter to Mel

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-08-02

Leslie Bunder

Leslie Bunder

Why Mel why?  What exactly has any Jew ever done to you that has filled you up with so much hate? 

A few days ago in California, you were arrested for being drunk and while being questioned by a police officer, you then went into a tirade of abuse against Jews?  What exactly was going through your mind that you decided it was an opportunity to attack any group, let alone Jews?

You've made some good movies in the past, you've made some real stinkers, but your fans, both Jews and non-Jews have stayed with you, even those Hollywood studios that some say are run by Jews have stuck by you in your blockbuster times as well as your career lows.

You see Mel, your career has been supported by all types of people including Jews. From the working class who pay to see you in the movies, to those with the millions to finance your productions.

Jews have never blamed you for anything, so how can you really believe that Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.

It's rather like saying, you are responsible for the destruction of the rain forest.  Of course, you are not. And neither are Jews responsible for all the wars in the world.

ok, we can't go back in time and erase what you said and you know that. So now you have asked for forgiveness in what you said and wish to meet with the Jewish community to as you say: "have a one-on-one discussion to discern the appropriate path for healing."

As you know Mel, the Jewish community extends across the world, just like all the fans you have. So it may be a very long one-one-one discussion.

So if we meet up to discuss this what will I suggest?  Look at yourself very carefully and see what ha made you the way you are behaving?  Understand what is troubling you and why it is the case. An easy answer to most problems is to blame someone and as you know for thousands of years, blaming Jews has been an answer for many. 

But what is worryingly is where you take the blame and what you decide to do. As history has shown us, those who blame, end up bitter and those who end up bitter end up doing deeds that being hurt and harm to others.

I hope your blame doesn't end up as bitter.

The Jewish community, whether fans or yours or not would just like to see your understanding that blaming people is not right.  You can't blame a whole nation or people, however you may feel.

What I would like you to do is to focus less on this being purely anti-semitic, any attack on Jews is an attack on all people. What you need to do is start exploring what is xenophobia.  What causes people to blame or hate others purely because of who they are?

Make a movie that looks at hate and why hate cannot and should not ever be tolerated.

I'm not a movie maker, but I'm sure you have the connections and the ability to get a diverse range of people to work on this project from all corners of the world and all backgrounds.

Get these people working together and learning together and you yourself may start to appreciate people from all backgrounds including Jews.