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Learn Hebrew online

by: Ben Morris - Last updated: 2006-08-17

Hebrew Online

Hebrew Online

If you don't fancy spending months on a ulpan in Israel to learn Hebrew, then the next best thing is to learn Hebrew from the comfort of your own computer.

Whether you are learning Hebrew for the first time or brushing up on what you already know, Hebrew Online, enables you to learn Hebrew with native speakers in Israel over the internet.

Through live webcam, Hebrew Online offers a full range of lessons for both adults as well as children. Hebrew Online has been several years in development in order to deliver the high quality service that is offered to Hebrew students throughout the world.

Each course runs over 35 lessons over a period of nine months and takes place through web meetings with a small group of students and the teacher. Each group is between six and eight students.

Students log in to the service at an agreed time with their teacher and are able to see the teacher and the teacher can see them as well.

All teachers are fully trained and come from leading academic institutions in Israel.

As well as paid for lessons, Hebrew Online offers two free lessons to try out the service as well as a free online resource of Hebrew words and phrases which allow users to click on a word or phrase and hear it spoken.

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