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Entertaining gay Israeli troops

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-08-18

Michael Lucas

Michael Lucas

A gay Jewish porn star is to visit Israel at the end of the month to show solidarity with the country and perform and entertain for the gay community as well as raise awareness of gay issues.

New York-based Michael Lucas who is the owner and star of Lucas Entertainment will be in Israel from August 29 to September 4 where he will be performing a live show with free admission to Israeli soldiers.

"It will be my fourth trip to Israel, and my third time to perform there," he said on his blog. "I am very proud to be going to my home away from home and entertain gay Israelis in a time of war."

As well as entertaining the gay community and soldiers, Lucas sees another reason for him being there.

"People need to see the faces of war, and I plan to shed light on the world where gay Israel exists," said Lucas.  "I will expose the reality that the people of Israel face right now, especially that of gay Israelis who are targeted by the hate of Hezbollah."

Lucas, 34, was born Andrei Treivas in Russia and prior to arriving in the States studied law in Moscow. After releasing law wasn't for him, he became a fashion model before setting up his gay adult entertainment company in 1998.

His trip will be filmed as a documentary as he will travel throughout the country interviewing all those affected by the current conflict with Hezbollah.

As well as the documentary, Lucas plans to shoot a gay porn film in the country.

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