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Last updated: 2002-09-03

Board President Jo Wagerman, Senior Vice-President Henry Grunwald and Vice-President Jerry Lewis met with UJS President Alan Senitt and his new team of office bearers for the coming year to discuss matters of concern for Jewish students. A wide and varied agenda included; campus anti-Semitism and anti-Israel activity, the academic boycott of Israel, new anti-discrimination legislation, and exam clashes on Shabbat and festivals.

In a year that has seen some of the worst antisemitic and anti-Jewish propaganda on university campuses around Britain, together with a concerted campaign to exclude academics from the international academic arena, this meeting underlined the value of the close working relationship between the Board and the UJS.

Board of Deputies Community Issues Director Marlena Schmool said:

“It has been a very troubling year for Jewish students in the UK, and it is vital that students understand how many ways the Board can help them. The close working relationship between the UJS and the Board has reinforced our actions in defence of Jewish issues on campus. We are delighted to meet this year’s office bearers and look forward to working with them over the coming year.”