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Israel volunteering

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-08-18



Despite recent conflict in the Middle East, a record number of young Liberal Jews have decided to spend a year in Israel doing volunteer work.

Later this month, nine members of LJY-Netzer will be travelling to Israel to take part in the 10 month Shnat Netzer programme in which they will join with other Liberal Jews from across the world.

"A group of Liberal Jews of this size demonstrates a real commitment to the Jewish people and to Israel by young people, their parents, their teachers and their rabbis," said Liberal Judaism chief executive Rabbi Danny Rich. "They are a credit to Liberal Judaism and to its youth movement, LJY Netzer."

Among those taking part are Rabbi Rich's own daughter Emma, while others represent a cross section of Liberal Jews form across the UK including communities in Kingston, Birmingham, Oxford and Leicester.

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