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Smells like team Jeter

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-08-20

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter

Update: 21 August 2006: Oops! Derek it turns out is not Jewish, but of course being a Yankees player still makes him an honorary Jew...

Following hot on the heels of other celebrities, New York Yankees Derek Jeter is the latest celeb to get his own fragrance.

The baseball player has signed a deal with leading cosmetics company Avon to offer a range of products featuring his name.

The first offering coming out in November will be Driven, a spray for men with other grooming products set for launch. The fragrance is a blend of chilled grapefruit, clean oak moss and spice.

So why Avon?

"It's a strong, dynamic company with an excellent reputation for corporate philanthropy through their Avon Foundation," he said. "And professionally speaking, I was attracted by the opportunity to be so heavily involved in the development of the fragrance, and not just the name on the bottle. On every level, it just felt right."

And it's not just Jeter lending his name.

"I have been very involved with creating this fragrance everything from the blend of scents to the design of the bottle and logo," he said.

Being the nice New York Yankee boy that he is, Jeter involved him mother and sister.

"Because women buy a large percentage of the men's grooming products sold in the U.S., I asked my mother Dot and sister Sharlee to be part of the project. I wanted to make sure the final product was something men would like to wear and that women would want them to wear," he said.

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