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US Students get help

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-08-20



Jewish students from the United Synagogue who are leaving home to take up studying are being given a special pack to assist them.

The Home from Home packs supplied by TRIBE offers basics such as kiddish and candle lighting kits as well as information on getting involved in Jewish life on campus, a guide to kosher eating and a letter from the Chief Rabbi on showing commitment to Israel.

The packs are being distributed to over 500 students across a number of United Synagogue communities including Radlett, Ilford and Muswell Hill.

In the letter, Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks writes: "Israel needs your advocacy. Far too often, campus becomes a place where a highly distorted view of Israel is put forward, and where intellectual debate is anything but open. This is not the place to rehearse the arguments that need to be made but we do need to ensure that honesty, objectivity and intellectual integrity prevail over those who seek, by boycott and bans, to turn the university into a partisan political force that seeks to silence a debate rather than encourage it."

"Leaving home for the first time is daunting for any fresher and we hope to ease the transition by providing support and assistance to our members whilst on campus," said Rabbi Andrew Shaw, executive director of Tribe. "As well as becoming involved in a new Jewish community, our members can rely on the support and encouragement of each of our Tribe Ambassadors."

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