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Working together

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-09-10



A senior London police officer has said that is a joint effort between the force and members of the public including the Jewish community which will help prevent terrorist activity.

Speaking at a Community Security Trust (CST) security briefing for the forthcoming High Holydays, Andy Hayman, assistant commissioner at the Metropolitan Police Service of London said: "The Police alone cannot prevent terrorism. It is us working together that does it."

According to the CST, thousands of members of the Jewish community will be volunteering their time over the coming weeks in order to make sure that those taking part in High Holidays events can take part in peace.

"The High Holy Day period is one of extreme sensitivity for Jewish communities around the world," said a CST spokesman. "This year, as always, thousands of CST volunteers will give their time to provide security for communities around the country, and help to ensure that everyone can enjoy their holidays in peace and safety.”

Mr Hayman revealed that since the London bombings of July 7 2005, the police had prevented five further terrorist attacks.

He further added that the work of the CST is vital to the Jewish community and its approach is a role model to other communities. "“The work that you will do over the next four weeks is absolutely vital. I think the CST is a tremendous initiative and I only wish that other communities would take the initiative that you have through such difficult times.”