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New men on Board

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-09-28

Board of Deputies

Board of Deputies

A number of new vice chairs including the city editor of the Daily Mail were elected to the Board of Deputies four divisions.

Alex Brummer, city editor of the Daily Mail was elected vice chair of the International Division of the Board, Barrister Adam Dawson was elected vice chair of the Community Issues Division, Professor of Immunopathology Dr David Katz was elected vice chair of the Defence and Group Relations Division and marketer David Farbey was elected vice chair of the Finance and Organisation Division.

"The International Division needs to be pro-active in understanding the forces shaping the global agenda and its impact on Israel, from radicalism in Iran to an expanding European Union," said Brummer. "There can be no room for any complacency in a world in turmoil and an age of 24/7 media."

Dawson hopes to involve more young people in the work the Board does. "The Board has in recent years taken important steps to increase its diverse representation and I hope that in taking my seat on the Executive Committee I will be able to work at empowering more young people to take active leadership roles within their community," he said on his new role.