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Jewish Princess Cookbook

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-09-30

Jewish Princess Cookbook

Jewish Princess Cookbook

Jewish food has undergone a major renaissance over recent years as more and more kosher places to eat, drink and be merry have sprung up in London.

In that time various new books have also been launched and now, aiming to marry humour and cooking, The Jewish Princess Cookbook has been published.

Written by two 30 plus-something women, Georgie Tarn and Tracey Fine, the book tries its hardest to inform readers of the "Jewish princess" lifestyle and marries that in with a cookbook.

Alas, the style and tone makes you want to skip straight to the recipes. The writing is not smart or clever, just annoyingly glib. It's very superficial.

Among its pages is text such as:

'What's the Jewish Princess Champagne Theory? I hear you ask.

Well, here it is:

'Is the Champagne Bottle of Life half-full or half-empty?'

For every Jewish Princess, the answer is: 'The Champagne Bottle of Life is ALWAYS half-full.'

This book fails terribly on its humour, it just is very cringing reading. But as a cookbook it kind of works with plenty of useful recipes to make in your own kitchen.

From making an almond cake to cumberland lamb cutlets, the book delivers a useful mixture of old school Jewish cooking and new fusion.

So if you are looking for a Jewish cookbook, this book offers a useful introduction. But everything else about it reads very dated and negatively stereotypical and really wants you to put your fingers down your throat.

Maybe the publishers could print a version that focuses on just the cooking and gets rid of all the other annoying writing.

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