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Last updated: 2002-07-03

The Board of Deputies has joined leading community figures in criticising a film which will be distributed nationwide depicting a well known actor dressed up as Adolf Hitler.

The advert has been produced as part of a campaign to oppose UK entry into the Euro. It will feature in selected cinemas across the UK.

The advert features celebrities such as Harry Enfield and Bob Geldof and Labour MP Kate Hoey. It depicts comedian Rik Mayall dressed up as Hitler, shouting slogans that associate the Euro with the Third Reich.

Board Director General Neville Nagler commented: “The depiction of Hitler is tasteless and highly inappropriate. It is bound to cause offence to all those who experienced at first hand the evils of the Third Reich. We are surprised that the celebrity figures involved are prepared to endorse such disrespect to all those who suffered under the Nazi regime and their families.”