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Anti-Semitism on pitch

by: Ben Morris - Last updated: 2006-10-10

TuS Makkabi

TuS Makkabi

A Jewish football team based in Berlin had to walk off the pitch following a tirade of verbal anti-Semitic abuse they received at a weekend match played in east Berlin.

TuS Makkabi, who are members of the global Jewish sporting organisation Maccabi and play in the Berlin district league walked off in the 78th minute in their game against VSG Altglienicke following chants by rival fans and the team they were playing including 'Gas the Jews', 'Fuehrer, Fuehrer' and 'Auschwitz is back'.

According to reports, the referee failed to take any action when players from TuS Makkabi informed him and actually ended up giving two yellow cards to the TuS Makkabi captain Vernen Liebermann who is said to have criticised him.

"It's dismaying that no one intervened and tried to stop it,"  TuS Makkabi chairman Tuvia Schlesinger told the Reuters news service.

In his report, referee Klaus Bruening wrote: 'Because I did not hear anything myself, I could not do anything.'

German Football Association president Theo Zwanziger has ordered an investigation into what happened.