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School campaign starts

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-10-25

Star of David

Star of David

The UK Jewish community has started its community-wide campaign to protest against last week's Government proposals to introduce admission quotas into faith schools.

Under the auspices of The Board of Deputies of British Jews, the campaign is claiming support from all sections of the community who are against plans to allow up to 25% non-Jews into Jewish schools.

It is urging parents, teachers and school governors to make their voice known by writing to their local MP and express their concern. A suggested letter which people fill in their details has also been created which can be sent off to a local MP.

The move follows other faith groups who have also raised their concerns with having to open their schools to quotas.

"We will leave no stone unturned to ensure that the Government hears the united voice of opposition to this rushed, ill-thought out and illogical proposal," said Board of Deputies president Henry Grunwald.

But despite support across the community to campaign against quotas, there are some who will not be taking part. "As a rabbi, I take faith very seriously," Rabbi Jonathan Romain of Maidenhead Reform Synagogue told The Times. "But faith schools are not in the best interests of faith. They separate both children and parents and the net effect is that we will all become ignorant of each other. Religion should be taught at schools, of course, but the belief element should come from home."

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