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Casting out to Jews

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-10-27



The much anticipated Jewish Community Centre's podcast is now live. Coming in at 30 minutes, the weekly podcast offers an attempt at providing something akin to BBC 2's Newsnight Review with a mix of politics, news and arts.

The first show, hosted by Sasha Frieze featured a panel of guests including sports journalist Jonny Gould, political blogger David Tate and Jewish Chronicle's Daniella Peled..

Frieze and her guests discussed various issues including faith schools and solidarity with Muslims.

Dating on the internet, the highs and lows of it. One man and one women talk about what online dating was like for them.

An annoying chap, using the name Michael Glass tries to put a funky perspective into the weekly parsha. of course, this is someone using a pseudonym and attempts to be controversial by referencing Noah and the flood and then roping in the latest news about Madonna. Yawn...

Frieze also discussed the Borat movie with Observer film critic Jason Solomons in which he dissects the Borat movie. From Borat, they progressed onto talking about the UK Jewish Film Festival.

Overall the production quality was good as the JCC podcast was recorded at The Guardian's podcasting studios.

Despite a few flaws in terms of presentation, the concept is good and when it works well, it does provide a useful podshow to download and listen to.

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