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Jewish music all-dayer

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-11-01

Borsht to Blighty

Borsht to Blighty

As 2006 comes to a close, so does the 350th anniversary of Jews being readmitted back to England and what better way to celebrate that with a bit of a full on Jewish music all-day event?

From 10am to 10pm, 350 artists will take to London's Queen Elizabeth Hall and Purcell Room to perform music reflecting Jewish music over the past 350 years under the umbrella Jewish Culture Day organised by the Jewish Music Institute.

The day will start with children singing songs and end with a grand finale called Borsht to Blighty offering a multitude of songs from Yiddish stage to London's West End.

"The precursors of Broadway musicals were the fabulous Yiddish Theatre music shows. I am so pleased to be bringing these songs to the London stage with my colleagues, alongside Broadway and West End counterparts," enthused Steven Leas, co-organiser of the event as well as cantor of Central Synagogue and lead singer in Borsht to Blighty.

Fellow co-organiser Geraldine Auerbach of the JMI added: "To examine 350 years of Jewish music has been both a challenge and a revelation - there is so much amazing music in the traditional and classical fields - from olden times to brand new specially written compositions - that we are delighted to be presenting at the South Bank."

A novel form of sponsorship to benefit the Jewish Music Institute will also see people being able to sponsor the performers of the day, where from as little as £10, they will get their name credited on the event.

Noted songwriter Don Black, whose credits include soundtracks to James Bond movies as well as working with Andrew Lloyd Webber is a patron of the day.

Tickets for the gala event cost between £17.50 - £27.50 while those sponsoring £35 or more will get free tickets depending on the actual amount donated. £35 gets one ticket, £150 gets two tickets and £350 gets four tickets.

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