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Sharon's condition improves

by: Meital Yasur-Beit Or, - Last updated: 2006-11-06

Ariel Sharon

Ariel Sharon

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was taken out of intensive care Monday morning, four days after he was admitted for a dangerous infection, the Haim Sheba Medical Center announced. His condition has improved and he was transferred from the intensive care unit to the respiratory rehabilitation ward.

Doctors said that Sharon, comatose since suffering a stroke in January, had been moved to intensive care when the infection threatened his heart. The infection was "identified and treated" and Sharon showed improved cardiovascular performance.

The most recent worsening in Shaorn's condition was registered this past August, when he was also transferred to the ICU. A short while later the former PM was moved back to the Respiratory Rehabilitation Unit, and the hospital then said that there has been major improvement in the condition of his lungs and kidneys.

Sharon suffered a massive stroke on Jan. 4 and has been unconscious ever since. The former PM suffered a stroke with what was described as "significant" bleeding in his brain a day before he was to check into Hadassah Hospital for a procedure to correct a tiny defect in his heart that was said to have contributed to a mild stroke he suffered two weeks earlier.
Doctors have come under fire from critics who questioned whether Sharon should have been treated with massive doses of anticoagulants after his first stroke, which was caused by a small blood clot in a cranial artery. Doctors admitted that the anticoagulants made it more difficult for them to stop the bleeding from the later hemorrhagic stroke.

Reproduced with permission: Ynet