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Levey hams it up

by: Ben Simons, - Last updated: 2006-11-08

Elliot Levey and Tracy Ann Oberman

Elliot Levey and Tracy Ann Oberman

A Jew being given a pig’s kidney is probably the stuff of laughs, but it wasn’t so for British telly drama Holby City, as Jewish character Pete Golding experienced, being part of an experiment.

Golding – played by rent-a-Jew actor Elliot Levey – found himself with a kidney transplant using part of a pig, which went wrong and required him to spend time in hospital.

Levey, who bears more than a passing resemblance to Jerry Seinfeld, has been touted as a careerist Jewish character. His other roles include Abe Goldman in Casualty in 2006, Gideon in the film Song Of Songs, Shmuley in the John Diamond bio-doc A Lump In My Throat, a tax collector in Jesus, Eliakam in Judas, Nathaniel in The Visual Bible: Gospel Of John, and Benjamin “Boy” Breslauer in the Dutch Jewish comedy SuperTex.

An odd big screen release, SuperTex saw Levey starring alongside EastEnders’ Tracy-Ann Oberman in a film about a Jewish man coming to terms with his Jewish identity in present-day Amsterdam. Maureen Lipman also made an appearance as Levey’s mother.

Levey says he got into acting by chance and constantly thanks an English teacher who spotted his talent after asking him to read aloud in class. He studied philosophy at Oxford and says that Uni was a great place for him to learn acting and take part in all types of productions.

Reproduced with permission: Jewtastic