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Spielberg's Emmy

by: Ben Simons - Last updated: 2006-11-21

Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg

Hollywood director Steven Spielberg, businessman Ronald Lauder and Little Britain’s Matt Lucas were recognised for their contribution to television at the 34th International Emmy Awards which took place last night in New York.

Spielberg picked up the The International Emmy Founders Award and commented on how his career started in TV. His early TV directing included Columbo and Marcus Welby, MD.

“I got my start in television,” he said.  “I got my first break when I was 21 years old directing Night Gallery so I owe a lot to television.”

Lauder, who is also a leading philanthropist and has helped to support the renewal of Jewish life in eastern Europe was recognised for an International Emmy Directorate Award for his central and eastern European TV stations.

Matt Lucas, co-creator along with David Walliams won the best comedy award for Little Britain.

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