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10,000 Jews get Tribal

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-11-22

A United Synagogue initiative to engage better with younger members of the community has signed up 10,000 people.

Tribe, which was set up in 2003 and offers events and activities for young Jews across a number of age ranges including kids, teens, students and young adults 21-30 now claims to be the largest Jewish organisation for young people in the UK.

At a celebration evening, Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks commended on the work which Tribe has done and made a presentation to Tribe's 10,000th member 17-year-old Esther Marshall.

"We at the US realised that if we didn’t give our young people a positive Jewish experience, they wouldn’t continue the Jewish story," Sir Jonathan said. "Our children are crying out for a Judaism that is unafraid to meet the challenges of the day – that will make us proud and I believe that this is what the US community has been doing over the last few years."

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