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Teen sentenced for murder

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-11-23

Alan Senitt

Alan Senitt

A teenage boy has been sentenced to six years in jail for his part in the murder of former Union of Jewish Students chairman Alan Senitt in the United States.

Senitt, 27, was attacked in the Georgetown area of Washington DC in the early hours of July 9 while walking home a female friend.

He was in Washington as a volunteer to former Virginia Governor Mark Warner who is planning a potential presidential campaign.

The teen, who cannot be named was not accused of delivering the stabbing, but by knowingly taking part in the robbery this made him guilty of murder

During sentencing, a statement from Senitt's parents, Karen and Jack was read out. "Every night we go to sleep hoping that it is all a nightmare and every day we awake to the same horror and the same pain. There wasn't even any time to tell him how much we loved him, how proud we were of him."

Following the sentence, Senitt's family said: "It is completely unjust that the juvenile should be released as a free man at the age of 21 (or even before then). We hope and pray that no leniency be shown to the three adults when they go to trial next year.”

The three adults who were arrested by police, Christopher Piper, Jeffrey Rice and Olivia Miles, are awaiting trial.