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Jewish leadership expands

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-11-26

The recently launched Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) which aims to engage Jewish communal organisations under an umbrella organisation and look at ways in which they can have better dialogue between themselves has added new members.

Among those joining is former Lord Chief Justice, Lord Woolf and Rosalind Preston, chairperson of Nightingale House.

"Nightingale’s membership was a natural progression from their involvement in our shared resources initiative and Ros Preston also brings a wealth of experience on women’s issues and interfaith relations to the JLC table," said JLC chief executive Jeremy Newmark. "The appointment of Lord Woolf is a tremendous asset to the Council and will greatly enhance our capacity to address a range of policy issues."

Others recently joined include Brian Kerner, joint chairperson – Community Coordinating Group (CCG) and philanthropist Leo Noe.

The JLC is also looking at ways to increase its membership especially from younger leaders of the community.