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Special Prayer - Iraq Conflict

Last updated: 2003-03-20

In light of the start of armed conflict in Iraq, the Chief Rabbi, Dr Jonathan Sacks has issued the following prayer to be recited in synagogues across the Commonwealth and at major communal gatherings:

Almighty G-d, at this time of conflict,
send Your blessing to the forces of the Coalition,
who risk their lives to defend the safety of mankind.
Protect them on land, in the air and at sea, and grant them courage and strength,
So that their efforts may be crowned with success.
Put into the hearts of the leaders and advisers of the nations
a spirit of wisdom and understanding, judgment and resolution,
that they may overcome those who threaten freedom,
and that they may strengthen the security of the world.
Renew among the people of the earth pure hearts and faithful spirits,
a love of righteousness and justice, compassion and truth,
so that all the inhabitants of the earth may acknowledge Your sovereignty,
and dwell together under the tabernacle of Your peace.
May this be Your will and let us say: Amen.