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Jews doing well

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-12-06

Jewish London

Jewish London

A new report by the Great London Authority has analysed the results of the 2001 Government census and found that London's Jewish population of 149,789 people are doing pretty well and living longer than many other groups.

According to the report, Jews are more likely to own their own property than other religious groups with 75% meeting that criteria. Of those 40% own the property outright without any loans on it. The next religious group with a high proportion owning property is Sikh coming in at 25%.

When it comes to married households, most Jews are keeping within the faith with 76% of married Jews married to another Jew.

Commenting on the report, London Mayor Ken Livingstone said: "'This report helps to provide a demographic picture of the Jewish community in twenty-first century London. I hope that the information presented in this report will be of use to policy makers at all levels of government and to the Jewish communities, in ensuring that the specific needs and concerns of Jewish Londoners are understood and responded to."

In terms of areas where Jews live, Barnet which includes Golders Green and Hendon is the most popular with 46,686 Jews living there and making up nearly 15% of the overall population. Just outside London, Hertsmere which includes Bushey has 10,712 Jews making up just over 11% of the local population.

The number of Jews living in London over the age of 50 is 41%, which compared to just 27% in London on average, while 13% of Jews over the age of 75 compared to 6% in London on average.

Young Jews between the ages of 16-24 make up just 9% of the Jewish population which is lower than the London average of 12%.

In terms of average age of Jews and where they live, Hackney has the youngest average age of 33 for its Jewish residents compared to 41 in Barnet and 52 in Brent.

Of those Jews who live in the London, the vat majority were born in the UK, though 7,086 were originally from Israel, 6,047 were from the USA, 5,680 were from South Africa and 1,404 were from India.

When it comes to work, Jews are more likely to be self employed. In the age group 16-24 the number is 21% compared to an average of 10%, while only 40% are employees compared to an average of 48%.

Those out of work account for 4% compared to 6.5% on average.

For more informtion, contact the GLA on 020 7983 4100.