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Making emergency contact

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2006-12-12



A north London Jewish couple have launched a service for people to allow next of kin to be contacted and notified in case of emergencies.

Contact4Me run by Barnet-based Sue Salik and her husband Steven provides its members with identification tags that can be worn or placed near to members, where in the event of an emergency, their contact details can then be found out.

Membership costs £16 a year for the first year and £12 a year thereafter.

"My mother suffered from dementia and I would have felt reassured if there had been a service such as Contact4Me available, so that if she had an accident or was found bewildered I could have been contacted," said Sue Salik.

Subscribers are allowed to have up to ten telephone numbers as well as other medical details of them stored by Contact4me which is then given out to emergency services.

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