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Statement on Dignity of Difference

Last updated: 2003-02-14

On the publication of the paperback edition of his book, ‘The Dignity of Difference’, the Chief Rabbi has said:

“As well as attracting interest, The Dignity of Difference aroused controversy within the Jewish community, some people arguing that certain passages could be misconstrued.

Accordingly, for the paperback edition I have rephrased those passages about which concern was raised, as well as removing incidental references to evolutionary theory and the age of the universe, a full discussion of which belongs elsewhere.

My overriding objective has been to preserve the argument of the book intact, restating it where necessary to avoid ambiguity. At the same time I will be posting on our website a document listing the rabbinic sources relating to the issue, for those who wish to study the ideas further.

The Dignity of Difference remains the most forceful argument I could make for tolerance in an age of extremes. I firmly believe that it represents the right Judaic response to some of the most formidable problems of the 21st century.”

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