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Aliyah success for 2006

by: Ben Simons - Last updated: 2007-01-07



More Jews than ever from the UK and USA are emigrating to Israel despite recent Middle East troubles taking place.

According to the Jewish Agency, around 21,000 people arrived in Israel during 2006.

From the UK, 720 people made aliyah which is a 22 year record while from the US, 3,200 made the journey compared to 2,987 in 2005.

Aliyah of Jews from the former Soviet Union made up 35% of all those arriving in Israel.

From Ethiopia, 3,600 people went to Israel and from Latin America, 1,450 made the journey.

"I’m pleased that the war in the North has not damaged aliyah or visits to Israel," said Zeev Bielski, chairman of the Jewish Agency. "After the difficult years which we experienced we believe that the improvement in the security and economic situation will intensify the feeling of security and together with the implementation of the new strategies of the Aliyah by Choice program which the Jewish Agency operates we will prove successful in increasing aliyah and visits to Israel."