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US improves website

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2007-01-09

United Synagogue website

United Synagogue website

In a move to better engage with its members, The United Synagogue has revamped its website to offer more information on its network of synagogues as well as the services its provides to the Jewish community.

As well as listings and guides to UK Jewish life, the new site aims to act as a home to all United Synagogue departments including the London Beth Din and Agency for Jewish Education.

Other features including a family burial record search for all of its cemeteries, though users currently need to enter full first name and last name as well as knowing the year of death and where the deceased is buried. Once entered, a plot number is given.

"We wanted to ensure that the new website serviced the needs of both our members and others outside the community who often require information from us," Rabbi Saul Zneimer, chief executive of the United Synagogue.

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