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Spiro's delights

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2007-01-12

London's Spiro Ark is kick starting 2007 with a feast of cultural delights from the middle of January.

Among the highlights are a performance of Kotzo shel Yud  (The Thorn of a Yud) which is a 19th century poem dealing with the issues of women who are unable to get a divorce from their husband. The event on 17 January is promoted in association with The Agunot Campaign and aims to further highlight problems many women still go through in seeking a Jewish divorce.

On the 18th January, an evening at Holland Park Synagogue under the theme “We all came from Spain" will take place. The lecture by Dr Bea Lewkowicz will look at
Identity and Memory among the Jews of Salonica.

Opening on 21 January is an exhibition of the art works of Martha (known as Edma) and her daughter Suzie Balazs. Edma, who was born in Hungary, died in 1997.

On the 3 February, Baghdad sketches: A granddaughter’s search for her Iraqi roots will discuss Marina Benjamin's quest in Iraq to discover more of her family history. As a result of her journey to Iraq in 2004, she has written a book Last days in Babylon: the history of a family, the story of a nation.

Also at Holland Park Synagogue on 7 February will be the UK premiere of Salonica, City of Silence. Filmmaker Maurice Amaraggi will also be answering questions about his film and what life was like in Salonica.

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