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Fighting hate

by: - Last updated: 2007-01-22

Beastie Boys

Beastie Boys

Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons is calling on Jewish rappers and entertainers including the Beastie Boys to join with him to help promote a campaign for racial equality.

The Def Jam founder is appearing today at a World Jewish Congress meeting in New York as a guest speaker in his latest effort to encourage people from all backgrounds and cultures to respect each other and outlaw racial hatred.

And Simmons - who last month teamed up with rapper 'JAY-Z' to combat anti-Semitism in local communities - hopes the Fight For Your Right hitmakers will join him in tackling racism.

"I am looking for Beastie Boys to join other prominent Jews in the entertainment industry to film a PSA confronting racism. (Specifically) Islamophobia," he told
"The only way to end the madness is to have people of goodwill step up and say racism in all its ugly forms is wrong. Period. The leaders of the Christian right, the Islamic fundamentalist and the non-tolerant Jews will be marginalised."

Reproduced with permission: Jewtastic