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Marber Sets Sights On Oscar

by: Rachel Wiesbach - Last updated: 2007-02-02

Patrick Marber

Patrick Marber

Writer Patrick Marber has said he is looking forward to the forthcoming Oscars ceremony in Hollywood.

Marber, who has received a Best Adapted Screenplay nomination for Notes On A Scandal, told the BBC News website, "I love a bit of hoopla. But then I come from a very tawdry end of the business, having been a comedian."

"I think of myself as being in showbusiness, whereas my playwright friends think of themselves as being in the literary world."

The nomination for Notes On A Scandal is Marber's first. Adapted from the novel by fellow Jewish writer Zoe Heller, it stars Dame Judi Dench as a lonely teacher who forms a sinister friendship with a younger colleague.

Marber – who first came to the public eye in the mid-90s in Knowing Me Knowing You With Alan Partridge, told the BBC that his script is very different from the original novel.

"Subtlety is the first thing that goes out of the window," he said. "As an adapter you know that – it can't be as good as the novel, which is always going to be more profound."

Notes On A Scandal is out now