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RSGB confirms Budget Adjustments

Last updated: 2003-03-21

Following discussions with members of staff today, RSGB Chief Executive, Rabbi Tony Bayfield, confirmed adjustments to the annual budget.

“As our Chairman, Andrew Gilbert, announced recently,” said Rabbi Bayfield, “the difficult economic climate means that we need to take a prudent approach to our plans for the current financial year. This will involve a reduction of £95k in our targeted expenditure which represents some 4% of our total budget of £2.3m. Our budget for 2003 continues to show an increase over the expenditure of 2002.”

The RSGB Board has approved the budget cuts which will fall predominantly on work in the areas of student work, finance and operations. RSGB has an unswerving commitment to student work and looks to begin to rebuild its efforts from September.
There will also have to be a small reduction in financial support for the Leo Baeck College-Centre for Jewish Education.

RSGB Chairman, Andrew Gilbert says, “Any cut back in work for the community is always painful. We have to be aware, nonetheless, of our responsibilities to remain fiscally sound and live according to our means. Our expenditure for the first quarter has been well within budget and our vigorous fundraising efforts continue. We shall make every effort to reinstate, as soon as possible, any work which we are reluctantly obliged to put on hold.”