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Police get Jewish help

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2007-02-12

CST guide for police

CST guide for police

Police stations across the UK have been sent a new guide which aims to explain to police officers the laws and traditions of Judaism.

The publication, A Police Officer's Guide To Judaism, has been produced by the Community Security Trust (CST) follows requests from serving officers who wish to know more about Jewish life in a bid to help them engage better with members of the Jewish community.

“We are regularly asked by police officers how they should behave when entering a synagogue, or why Orthodox Jews cannot call to report a crime on the Sabbath," said CST director of communications Mark Gardner. "It is vital that all officers understand the basic tenets of our religion, so that they can provide an effective and sensitive service to the community."

Among the topics covered are dietary laws, holidays and death and burial.

"Greater knowledge of the customs and practices of the Jewish faith cannot but assist the police service to provide a better service to the community as well as establishing greater community confidence," said Superintendent Jon Morgan of Marylebone Police Station.

As well as the print edition, electronic copies are also available for police to download and circulate locally.