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Police investigate Brit

by: Ynet - Last updated: 2007-02-16



The death of a baby boy who stopped breathing minutes after being circumcised in Golders Green synagogue in north west London is being investigated by British police, the Daily Telegraph reports.

The boy, Amitai Moshe, was rushed directly from the ceremony to hospital, where he passed away last Friday, one week later, apparently of a heart attack.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews' spokesman said: "Over 2,000 circumcisions of baby boys are carried out in Britain every year. It is a very established, regulated practice in terms of medical training. This was an unfortunate juxtaposition of two events."

According to the report, an examination revealed that the initial cause of death was cardiac arrest and starvation of oxygen to the brain.

Despite the examination's results, police are treating the death as unexplained, and have appointed a special team, including child abuse investigators, to look into the matter, the Telegraph reported.

A police source explained that "a post mortem revealed a possible cause of death but this is to be confirmed after further tests."
The Telegraph reported that the child's parents, Ran and Yotvat, were too upset to comment on the matter, but Amitai's grandmother said Thursday night, "It is a very bad time for them."

Neighbours in the close-knit Jewish community said they were supporting the couple, who also have a young daughter. One woman told the Telegraph, "It's a very sad tragedy and we're all helping them."

Reproduced with permission: Ynet