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US offers Purim gift

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2007-02-27

Purim packing

Purim packing

The traditional Purim custom of giving gift baskets to friends and family is being extended to senior citizens and isolated members of the United Synagogue under a project by its community department.

A total of 27 synagogues have taken part to send nearly 800 special food parcels filled with hamantaschen, cake, grape juice and chocolate those members who have been identified as needing support.

A number of adult as well as children and teenagers spent last Sunday making up the packages which we also supported by food company Yarden.

"We’re delighted by the huge response to our mishloach manot offer this year," said United Synagogue acting social action coordinator Candice Woolfson. "Purim is a joyous occasion for the community but in the midst of our celebration, we are told to remember those who are in need of our support and assistance."

Woolfson added: "We hope our mishloach manot boxes will enable those members who do not normally have the opportunity to participate in Purim, to enjoy the festivities."