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Spielberg's stolen art

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2007-03-02

Rockwell Russian Schoolroom

Rockwell Russian Schoolroom

A painting by Norman Rockwell stolen in June 1973 has been found in the art collection of Hollywood director Steven Spielberg.

Rockwell's Russian Schoolroom, which was commissioned in 1967 for Look magazine, shows children in a classroom with a bust of Vladimir Lenin went missing from a St. Louis gallery.

According to the FBI it was purchased by the Hollywood legend from a legitimate dealer in 1989. Spielberg is said to have not known it was stolen and his staff only discovered its true origins when they discovered it on a FBI stolen art website.

Since July 2004, the FBI's Art Crime Team has been seeking to recover the painting which is said to be worth $700,000.

Spielberg is cooperating with authorities and will retain possession of the painting until its rightful owners are identified.