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West Ham 'Jew' Outrage

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2007-03-08

West Ham United

West Ham United

Officers from London's Metropolitan Police have launched an investigation into alleged anti-Semitism on the terraces of east London premiership football team West Ham.

The move follows a video clip of supporters of the team shown on You Tube in which racist and insulting slogans such as "I’d rather be a Paki than a Jew”, were said to have been chanted against rival team Tottenham Hotspur during a match on Sunday in which West Ham lost 4-3.

The clip, which is said to have been taken on a mobile phone, was later removed.

Following the chanting, Tottenham fans complained to their club who in turn made a formal protest to West Ham.

"This deeply disgraceful and racist behaviour has no place in British society," said Mark Gardner, director of communications for the Community Security trust. "We expect West Ham to make every effort to identify the culprits and ensure they are not welcomed at any matches in the future.”

The Football Association is also investigating the incident and has requested full CCTV footage to determine exactly what happened and why if there was anti-Semitic chanting, it was not stopped by West Ham stewards.

"There are very, very clear guidelines given to stewards. Either these guys have not been trained in the right way or they have ignored their training and were too frightened to intervene," said Piara Powar from the Kick It Out campaign which combats racism in football.

West Ham said it will be co-operating with the investigation. "We will investigate this matter fully, attempt to identify the perpetrators and take the appropriate action," the club said in a statement.