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Solidarity through song

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2007-03-13

Shabbaton Choir in Israel

Shabbaton Choir in Israel

A group of over 50 people including the Chief Rabbi, Sir Jonathan Sacks and the Shabbaton Choir have taken part in a special visit to Israel to show support for its people.

The Solidarity Through Song Mission, organised by the United Synagogue, saw the group tour Israel from March 7 to March 11 and use music to unite with people who have suffered from acts of terror as well as illness and disability.

"Bringing music into the lives of those who have suffered trauma and terror is part of the process of healing," said Sir Jonathan.

Among the places visited included hospitals and care centres.

The Shabbaton Choir also performed three concerts in Raanana, Shlomi and Lavi with proceeds to benefit local residents.

"Solidarity through Song is a unique mission as we take our music to places that would not usually receive visits from a choir and chazanim," said Stephen Levey of the Shabbaton Choir. "We sing to people often less fortunate than ourselves and it always amazes me to see the affect our music has on people and the smiles that it brings to their faces. This is an incredible yet humbling sight".