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Passover help from US

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2007-03-23

Helping hands

Helping hands

With less than two weeks to go before Passover, the United Synagogue is mobilising its social action division to help those less fortunate during this time of year.

As well as sending out over 450 food parcels containing essentials to celebrate Passover for members in need, 16 of its communities will be hosting communal seders and providing subsidies to those who are not able to afford the cost of attending.

Outside of the Jewish community, 11 United Synagogue communities have taken part in a Chametz for the Homeless initiative which has seen people clear their homes of unwanted food that can be used to help others with a number of homeless shelters and hostels benefiting from the distribution of food.

"The US’ Community Division’s Social Action Projects are offered to ensure that all of our members can feel part of their community and enjoy a truly memorable Pesach experience - while at the same time we are helping those in need in the wider community," said Candice Woolfson from the US Community Division.