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Board takes action

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2007-04-25



Members of the Jewish community will be taking part in a day of action to encourage voters to take to the ballot box on May 3 in an effort to defeat the far-right BNP at the local elections.

According to The Board of Deputies, on April 29, voters will be called by volunteers from centres in Manchester and London and "encouraged to go to the polls".

"The best chance of success for extremist parties is if ordinary people stay at home rather than getting out to vote.  The best way of defeating them is if people turn out and exercise their democratic rights, whoever they vote for,” said Jon Benjamin, chief executive of the Board. "We are not telling people who to vote for, but no one should be under any illusions about the core elements of the BNP’s ideology.  People understand what they stand for, but just need to appreciate that complacency and voter apathy can contribute to a skewed result on election day.”

The BNP currently has around 50 councillors across the country and will be putting up over 800 candidates on the May 3 elections.

Anyone interested in taking part as a volunteer on April 29 in calling up people is asked to call 07870 650 230.