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Jewish AIDS Trust

Last updated: 2004-04-28

Jewish AIDS Trust

We were established as a charity in 1988 to provide the Jewish community with education, counselling and support in connection with HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) infection and AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).

All our services are extended across the entire spectrum of the Jewish community. We are not allied with any particular "wing".

You will find our offices in Whetstone - N.W. London. We are staffed by our:

Director: Rosalind Collin
Training Officer: Barbara Goldfoot
Director?s PA: Julie Rosenfield
plus some thirty volunteers

Together we offer a wide range of services to our clients including:

Education: Educational programmes and workshops are tailored to the needs of individuals and a wide range of groups within our community, including youth groups, schools, social welfare organisations and rabbis.

Counselling: Confidential and professional face-to-face counselling for Jewish people with HIV/AIDS as well as partners, friends and family.

Financial Support: Provides financial support for Jewish people with an AIDS diagnosis who cannot meet essential bills.

Supportive Friends: Through our Social Network and Practical Support System (SNAPS), we can provide help in meeting the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS.

AIMS of the Jewish AIDS Trust

1. To raise awareness of the implications of HIV and AIDS in the Jewish community
2. To provide education for the Jewish community on issues surrounding HIV and AIDS
3. To provide counselling for those in need
4. To give support and practical help to all those either directly or indirectly affected by HIV and AIDS

Confidentiality and the Jewish AIDS Trust

It is one of the central tenets of the Jewish AIDS Trust that any personal information given to us is treated as confidential. We are all well aware that the Jewish Community is a small one and that many of its members are known to many others, and we know how vital it is that information which is given to us, stays with us.

All staff, volunteers and trustees are required to observe our Confidentiality Policy. Personal information will only be divulged within the Trust if there are people who need to have particular facts in order to provide a service, or in case discussion with supervisors. Consent will always be obtained if it is deemed necessary to disclose information outside of the Trust, except in exceptional circumstances, for example, in cases of known or threatened violence or abuse.

No personal information regarding clients is kept on computer. Notes are kept safe in locked cabinets. General information gathered for monitoring services is always anonymous.

Equal Opportunities

The services of the Jewish AIDS Trust are open to all members of the Jewish community, of whatever branch or wing, and whether affiliated or not. All Trust personnel are required to respect the religious and cultural values of each sector of the community.

Staff, volunteers and clients are not discriminated against on the basis of HIV status, marital status, race, colour, gender, sexuality, age or disability.

For further information:
The Jewish AIDS Trust, Walsingham House, 1331 High Road, London N20 9HR, UK
tel: 020 8446 8228
fax: 020 8446 8227