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Jews respond to Darfur

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2007-04-25

Darfur crisis - pic: Aegis Trust

Darfur crisis - pic: Aegis Trust

A guide to the Darfur crisis in the Sudan and how Jewish communities in the UK and across Europe can help its people is being distributed.

The booklet, which is produced by charitable organisation, The Pears Foundation provides advice and information on how Jewish individuals as well as communal groups including Jewish societies and synagogues can be pro-active.

“Our Foundation has been involved with the ‘Protect Darfur Campaign’ in the UK from its inception," said Trevor Pears, executive chair of the Foundation. "Depressingly the atrocities are continuing. We hope that this booklet encourages individuals, and the community as a whole, to take more action."

The publication comes as groups across the UK convene on Downing Street in central London on April 29 to highlight the suffering that is going on in Darfur where over 400,000 people have been killed and several million people displaced in the conflict.

Henry Grunwald, president of The Board of Deputies, who wrote the foreword to the booklet said: "The Jewish communities of Europe know all too well how genocide can occur and what its effects can be. As Jews we have a duty, not only to our fellow Jews, but also to the wider world."

Copies of the booklet are being distributed across synagogues, youth groups and other communal organisations.