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Jews on the run

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2007-04-25

Norwood runner Flora Frank

Norwood runner Flora Frank

Despite the heat, 21 people completed London's Marathon to support the work of Jewish children and families charity Norwood.

A massive £75,000 will be going to the charity to support its work.

A female runner, Thea Gudgeon from Watford completed the race in the fastest time of just 3 hours and 17 minutes, while the fastest man was Andrew McCormick from York in 3 hours 29 minutes.

Veteran runner Flora Frank completed her 11th London Marathon in 6 hours 05 minutes.

"It was extremely difficult because of the heat, but I kept myself hydrated and was pleased to finish in around six hours," Frank said. "The crowd were fantastic, the atmosphere was amazing and please G-d I’ll be there next year too."

“Our runners have shown incredible drive and commitment, both in terms of their training and their fundraising," said Norwood head of fundraising Ian Tate. "I’d like to thank them all for raising a fantastic amount of money that will help us to continue to support children and families in our community."

Other Jewish organisation who benefited from the Sunday run included Jewish Care who raised over £11,000 and Jewish Blind and Disabled, who raised over £25,000.