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About Jewish Child's Day

Last updated: 2003-08-24

Jewish Child's Day was founded in 1947 to give Jewish children in Britain the opportunity to help the children of the relatively few Jewish people who had survived the horror and trauma of the second world war.

Today, over fifty years later, Jewish Child's Day is still an active and necessary communal venture.

It was and is children for children.

Traditionally, Jewish Child's Day was one day of the year - the first Sunday of Chanukah. As the charity's crucial work developed, it became necessary to expand its fund raising to the entire Anglo- Jewish community, working all year round with the whole British Jewish Community - Adults and Children. It continues to maintain the important principle established by the founders to educate Jewish children in the UK on the importance of Tzedakah within Jewish law and tradition.

Jewish Child's Day exists to improve the lives of Jewish children in need of special care. Whatever the children's needs and wherever they are in the world, Jewish Child's Day does all it can to make life easier and happier for them, helping them to develop and achieve, and moving them towards fulfilling and purposeful lives.

Children and babies who are blind, deaf, suffering from physical, learning or emotional difficulties, children who are abused, neglected, deprived or disadvantaged, children caught up in the ravages of terrorism and war and children battling against severe illness or trauma all rely on help from Jewish Child's Day.

Jewish Child's Day works hard all year round to find the money to provide whatever is needed - from items as basic as clothes, toys and books, to essential medical equipment that keeps children and babies alive at home or in hospital.

Wheelchairs and walking aids, educational and developmental computer equipment, therapy support and rehabilitation programmes, hearing stimulus and communication equipment, holidays, incubators, respirators, after school facilities, hot meals, home teaching for house bound children... the list is endless.

Jewish Child's Day helps children in Britain, Eastern Europe North Africa, India and Israel - anywhere in the world that Jewish children are in need

Jewish Child's Day does everything in its power to provide whatever it takes to give children hope, health, opportunity and a brighter future. It relies entirely on the support of the community and all gifts, large or small, are put to excellent use for the benefit of children - to support and encourage children with special needs, to build their confidence, to develop their emotional and physical strengths - giving them the quality of life that EVERY child deserves.

Contact Us:

Jewish Child's Day, Freepost, London, N12 0BR
Telephone: 020 8446 8804
Fax:020 8446 7370