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Senitt murder update

by: Leslie Bunder - Last updated: 2007-05-23

Alan Senitt

Alan Senitt

The two defendants accused of murdering Jewish political activist Alan Senitt in Washington DC have pleaded guilty to his murder and to three other robberies.

Christopher Piper, 26, pleaded guilty to second degree murder, third degree sexual assault and four counts of unarmed robbery.

Jeffrey Rice, 23, pleaded guilty to second degree murder, four counts of robbery and two counts of firearms used to commit dangerous or violent offenses.

Senitt, 27, a former chairman of the Union of Jewish Students was working in the US capital for Mark Warner, the former Governor of Virginia, when he was killed last July in the Georgetown area while walking home with a female friend.

According to reports, Piper was released from prison early last year after serving time for armed robbery and marijuana possession.

Both men are due to be sentenced on August 24 and each face up to 100 years in prison.

The Senitt Family are due to fly to Washington to deliver their statement in court.

The 15-year-old involved in the crime had already pleaded guilty to charges against him, and was sentenced last November. The unnamed youth will be in custody until the age of 21. The case of the fourth suspect, Olivia Miles, who allegedly drove the getaway car remains sealed at the courthouse.

Meanwhile, a trust established in Senitt's name and run by his family and friends continues to expand and promote his values and ideals. A recent quiz raised over £2,500 and was attended by over 150 people.

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